Sculpting with Blender

Since the beginning of my professional life as a visualizer, the tools available were the “real” ones, then there were the “dream” ones. In the 90s, it was Pantone crayons and Ecoline markers, which were the daily tools of the storyboardist and illustrator. Extremely expensive and very effective, they have governed image previews in the workflow in the world of advertising communication for many years, allowing hundreds of artists to experience a daily relationship with drawing, representation, and even paid ones! Even then a dream arose spontaneously; a tool that allowed you to trace and fill colored backgrounds on the paper without ever running out of power, allowing you to not have to do it all over again after the first mistake, in short, a totally utopian and unachievable tool. After a few years, the computer came knocking on the door, and the first applications for electronic drawing! But soon a new dream would be reformulated; being able to draw with a third dimension. Three-dimensionality. How can we create with three dimensions, benefiting from the possibility of orienting an object in space, seeing it from any point of view in three-dimensional space? Even this utopia has been overtaken by reality for several years now and the representation of reality in 3D is widely available to anyone, with applications that simplify and streamline its use. As a designer who has bypassed a historical period where all these transformations took place, I must say that the sculpting, character design and rigging really impressed me. Not so much from the point of view of benefit in production practice, but in maintaining the gestures of the artistic act. Sculptig gives the artist an agile and immediate tool capable of making the experience pleasant. For a few years I have been using Blender with great satisfaction and what you see in the image is a sculpt created for a friend’s birthday and printed by another friend. Friendly.


Oggi spazio al non senso assoluto. Questa immagine, nata in totale assenza di pensiero si offre alla vostra visione.

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Auguri Lucio

Il 4 marzo 1943 nasceva Lucio Dalla e proprio oggi avrebbe compiuto 81 anni! Le sue canzoni sono tra noi più vive che mai !

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TASSI BCE, Il trauma continua

Nonostante il calo dell’inflazione i tassi restano alti . Periodicamente vengono rilasciate dichiarazioni che indicano date a partire dalle quali ci potrà iniziare un declino

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Michelle Obama

Born on January 17, 1964, Michelle Obama is turning 60! Much loved character capable of being representative of the most progressive part of her country.

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Meloni in arrivo!

Allo studio da tempo il personaggio della Meloni. Dopo qualche mese di tentennamenti dovuti all’effetto underdog e ad una situazione del paese deprimente che apre

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